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Mum’s Little Explorers is a place you can find Kids Activity Ideas in Melbourne or at home, Family Travel Tips, and Holiday Inspiration ideas within Australia and overseas.

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Melbourne with Kids

Looking for Melbourne activities?

Our main focus is on Things to do in Melbourne for families. We are out and about as much as possible discovering new things to do and new places to visit.

Check out these links for our most popular things to do:

Travel with Kids – Ideas & Inspiration

When you are looking to head away for a family holiday you can check out our ideas here

We are frequent travellers and lived overseas whenever we can. We lived in Italy for many years so we offer lots of information on Italy with kids but also include our stopovers in other destinations too.

Kids Activities at Home

For when you are not out and about or travelling, we have lots of kids activity ideas to do at home including:

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Founder – Chontelle Bonfiglio

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I am Chontelle Bonfiglio, an Aussie mum of 2 kids based in Melbourne. I am a business owner with a background in Social Science, Teaching English (ESL) and Digital Marketing.

I grew up in the Melbourne suburbs and moved abroad after university to travel. I lived and worked overseas (UK, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Russia), before meeting my Italian husband and settling in Italy. We were based there for more than a decade before moving back to Melbourne with our kids.

The advantage we have, is that I grew up in Melbourne so I know it well, but my husband and kids are new to it all, so I am seeing everything again with new eyes as a local, but also as a tourist!

We frequently travel to and from Europe when we can to explore new places and share our travel experiences on this site.

Our kids are being raised bilingually. They are fluent in English and Italian, and have learned some Spanish too.

In 2016, I founded Bilingual Kidspot, which has become the largest website for raising bilingual kids providing resources for language teachers and parents. The site gets over 400,000 page views per month.

Mum’s Little Explorers was founded in 2018 when we moved back to Melbourne and started rediscovering it’s wonders with our kids.

Articles & Reviews

Most of the content found on this website is written by myself. As the site has grown over the years, you may have notice some guest contributors as well.

There is so much to see and do in Melbourne and the site has grown faster than I could ever have imagined, so it is impossible to do everything ourselves!

Images on the site on this site are subject to copyright and may not be used without permission. Images are either taken by myself or contributors to the site. Some images are provided by PR for certain events.

The content on this site is true at the time of posting. It is frequently updated as often as possible, but please double check the company website of any place or activity, especially important details such as hours and costs as they may change over time.

Many events, activities, restaurants etc on this site, are visited at own expense. However, Mums Little Explorers are often invited to others with some or all expenses paid.

This may be entry to a certain event, or tickets for an activity, a meal at a restaurant, or a complimentary hotel stay. Mum’s Little Explorers are also sometimes sent fun products to try out for the purpose of reviews.

Having costs covered does not automatically mean there is an expectation that a review will be published. If we do decide to write about it,  the reviews and all opinions are always that of the writer. We will only share the experience if we enjoyed it and recommend it to others.

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