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Mum’s Little Explorers is a place you can find Family Travel Tips, and Holiday Inspiration within Australia and around the world.

We give you loads of ideas on What to See and Do in Melbourne and around, and keep you up to date with the latest Activities & Events in Melbourne for kids and families.

You can find information on Family Friendly Cafes, Restaurants, and Accommodation.

And every now and again we will inspire you with our Travel through Australia, back and forth to Italy and Around the World.

Founder – Chontelle Bonfiglio: Content Creator, Editor, Digital Strategist

Our Reviews

The content we write is true at the time of posting. We try to update posts as often as we can, but please double check the company website of any review we have written important details such as hours and costs to be sure.

Many events, activities, restaurants etc that we visit, are done so at our own expense. However, we are also often invited to others with some expenses paid. This may be entry to a certain event, or tickets for an activity, a meal at a restaurant, or a complimentary hotel stay.

Having our costs covered does not automatically mean that there is an expectation that we will publish a review. If we do decide to write about it,  our reviews and all opinions are always our own.

There may be instances where we have been invited somewhere and it hasn’t been a positive experience. In this case, we simply don’t write about it. Mum’s Little Explorers is not about giving bad reviews, we appreciate that something that we may not have enjoyed, may have been enjoyable for others so we will let them recommend it if they do!